Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FL wrap up and future plans

 getting a little crazy in florida! family ties and sunny skies. It all distracted me from the very important work I feel I must do. So I'm heading back up north, tonight or tomorrow morning, to engage with the broader community of movers and shakers, where I am meant to be. Its just so easy to be freewheeling, I forget. Not having internet access is TOO hard! If anyone has a laptop they're getting rid of, I could seriously employ it. I am also looking for a permanent residence in NYC, preferably alone, but if not alone, somewhere I can have a lot of freedom to make it the way I want it to be (nutritionally functional kitchen, quiet space, room for friends...) Anyway. its been a few days since I visited any occupations, and there is so much happening in the world around them every single day. its hard to stay connected without the internet- i'm at the library near my great aunt's retirement community right now. My plan is to be in Baltimore when the marchers from NY swing by on their course to DC. That's tomorrow night. Then Baltimore til NJ on the 21st. Beyond that the only other definite is Thanksgiving in NY with my family. SEE YOU IN TRENTON? ! be there. EDIT: 11.19.11 the DRBC vote is cancelled! Too much public interest and pressure for them to make those choices right now. We must be watchful after elections for the resurgence of these issues, but for now, this is significant stuff. We are changing the world. ANYWAY I am still going to Trenton on the 21st as there will be functional group space in which to convene around ideas for building the world we want. Plus it's on the way between Baltimore where I am now, and NY where I must soon be. much love

Well she knew, but she could not say
 found this gypsy-mary statue woman in my great aunt's bathroom. from above, she looks mysterious and sly. tilted slightly, she looks sweet and sincere. what do you see?

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