Saturday, November 19, 2011

Distractions and getting back on course

A lot has been shown to me recently. The layers of my personal story have become rich with details, family stories, guilt and sorrows of my lineage as well as gifts and triumphs, glories. In florida, I became somewhat distracted from my own goals by letting myself be of service to other peoples' dreams. and i love that, and I wouldn't change it, but I do need to work on reigning in the time I spend on the microcosms so that I can also be of service in a broader sense.

I don't know if everything I write will make sense to every reader, but I can only speak my truth.

Yesterday on my drive to Baltimore from Florida, many things happened but the biggest was an impromptu ceremony, a rite between myself and the world. I married myself to my deep calling, that of using my divinely granted gifts to do good by the world. I solemnly swore, in the woods behind a rest area, in a very highly charged natural setting, near part of the Purple Heart Trail in Virginia, my commitment to the things I believe in. And I asked the world to support and protect me as I fight for these ideals:


While I realize these ideals are broad, the power behind them connects me to divinity. In my sacred rite, I left behind some powerful tokens, symbols of the journey so far. I was initially compelled to leave all of my money and my bank card, to show my absolute disbelief in the money economy.

Instead I left a little bit, as well as a very significant symbol I have been carrying with me since I first visited Occupy Wall Street. The buffalo tooth, given to me during a sacred time (i mention it in this piece) as well as a tiny cross that belonged to my great grandmother, Eleanor Shepley (I can't remember her maiden name, unfortunately. Maybe it was Nyahy? Someone had that name... anyway...) which I have tucked away in very random places since I was a little girl.

 I felt that these two things together connected me to past stories that I am part of. I bound them together with part of a broken bracelet, a bracelet that each girl I was in Montauk with in 2010 had gotten, and this symbol connects me with the stories of my generation and younger. (if you would like to read about the significance of Montauk to me, read the third-to-last paragraph in this very personal essay. )

My commitment to this movement is unwavering. Along this journey, I have come to realize that my visions for the future have been haunting me since I was young, and the momentum of the now is what I have been waiting for, and preparing for, all that time. I understand my role, or parts of it anyway, and I see that all I can do is continue to spend my time, energy, and attention in service to that dream. The dream which has been dreaming me all along.

The two things I feel strongly about bringing forth are Healing and Building. Healing is a significant part OF building. People are sick, from toxins in the environment, and also in food, and in the old information.

Beliefs are part of the poison. Moving from one paradigm to another is going to be challenging for many people who are going to hold tight to those teachings of the old system. I do believe that some of those beliefs are a poison, intoxicating human beings to go against their very natures and to sabotage their own forward motion. So Healing involves the mind, the body, and the environment.

Personally, I feel fit to serve the world with my gifts. In working as a massage therapist since 2006, my bodywork has become an extension of the beliefs I hold. Even my singing voice carries the energy vibrations of my very strong desire to connect others with healing energy. Because of my connection with nature, my intuition allows me to bear witness as other people connect with the source of healing energy within themselves. With strong healing vibrations, we can cleanse and purify ourselves and our world.

We can start anywhere, as our minds and bodies are the first house, our dwellings then, our cars, our closets, our yards, our neighborhoods, city, and on. The planet is our home. We must heal on every level. (I highly recommend the book Clearing your Clutter with Feng Shui, by Karen Kingston.)

 In this way, we can come to see how cleaning our rooms is progress forward. Cleaning our bodies. Every step towards any honorable goal is a step towards building a better world.

 And then there are some big goals. Some lofty, beautiful, big dreams. Those, I can visually see in my mind's eye, but it will take a lot of conversation and planning with people of like minds to bring them about. Suffice to say, we must build new community centers, and that task will be a joyful one. I would outline the new community center I envision, but it would take all night, and I have places to be! Instead I will leave it to your imagination for now!

There is so much happening every day. There is so much you can choose to pay attention to. Make sure the information you are feeding yourself is serving your highest good! I am working on that- it is too easy to get distracted by all the good information!

I'm becoming able to reign in my attention more easily, and allow my commitment to the highest good to lead me. Its easier with a body clean from distracting substances (sugar, gluten, other substances deemed safe and normal, but actually quite detrimental to at least my own sense of clarity...)

Now that I'm back up north, you can expect to hear more from me soon. I'll be in Trenton tomorrow and Monday for non-violence training and the rally that's been in the works for awhile but no longer serves the purpose of changing the DRBC vote, as that was cancelled (presumably due to public outrage! thanks be to you if you participated by calling governors/ etc) I'm sure it will still be a worthwhile meeting of the minds.

I may be on this radio show on Friday, with the energy healer I mentioned receiving work from at OWS in early October. (same post as buffalo tooth link above) If not Friday, then in December.

Not sure if I'll make it downtown until Friday, but I'm excited to return to New York, and start working from there!

Right now I'm in Baltimore and there are new stories to make! Much love

jackie dandelion

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