Saturday, January 28, 2012

remembering november; nov.6 #nokxl nov.7 #boycottbp

revisiting some of my personal highlights from the past few months. circling the white house to say no pipeline.... connecting with #bpplague victims of the oil spill/ "cleanup" and being illuminated to the extent of the damage in the gulf... i remember when the huge love vibes were filling the space between us all. i know they're there, like the roots, anchoring us into the earth, gathering nourishment for springtime flowering...

Monday, January 16, 2012

It is the world itself that wants to change.

the world is sick, the system is broken. we are broken and sick from living in a world that does not nourish us. we recognize this. we want to move forward, and heal. we want to heal ourselves and we want the world around us to be a nourishing one. 

We don't all see eye to eye.

We must keep ourselves nourished, and follow our instincts, and allow what will be to be, while attempting to direct the flow in a positive direction. 

If you feel like your current involvement is more stress than nourishment, please, take a step back. 
Figure out where you are. Be there. Exist. It is winter. It is a great time for rest and for planning. 

Let's be good to each other, and to ourselves.

This movement is amorphous, it is bigger than all of us. We want to change the world because the world is calling us. It is the world itself that wants to change. If the ways in which we work are not supporting us and our visions, we have to change the ways in which we work.

Occupy has been a lot of stress. It is also a lot of nourishment. I would love to be involved in moving forward to create some beautiful community-oriented natural places which are self-sustaining, where we can thrive as human beings, artfully, with honor for the natural world, each other, and ourselves.

If this is the work we are doing, count me in.

Just don't expect me commit to following a straight line.

<3 dandelion