Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Tampa

this is a taurus shaped sculpture, beautifully scaled, standing poised between a reflecting pool and a very very tall building in downtown tampa. i looked for the artist's title, but it was hidden beneath a flower pot. i could JUST make out the artist's name by shining the light from my phone there. sharles o perry. Thank you, Charles O Perry, for this testament to the strength of nature and beauty, plopped right out front of the bank of america building. I surely appreciated taking respite there.

@Occupytampa ampitheater GA

Occupy Tampa is full of courageous and beautiful humans. I feel like I may be back here sooner than I expected. The road leads me now, and every stop brings new truths to light. There is a lot of work to be done, the water quality is poor in florida, and we are going to have to work on that if we want to purify ourselves. The vibes are so high, the warrior princesses are badass, while the masculine energy is ferocious at first, with its softness revealed slowly to the honest pilgrim.

They've got a sweet ampitheater with which to resonate their general assemblies. They've got a police force which makes them evacuate the actual park every night at 10pm, so they sleep on the sidewalk or stay up to guard and enjoy the night. The police force actually arrested people not as people but as "articles or objects left in the park." Let that sink in.

Tampa, you're beautiful. Stay strong.

Charles O Perry in front of BofA in Tampa

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