Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On the Ground; life update, Bmore, DC

My heavy updating isn't sustainable right now. I have SO much to share! The past week visiting Occupy Baltimore, the Tar Sands Action in DC, and the two Occupy encampments in DC has been incredible. So many people are out there fighting the good fight! We circled the White House four-people deep, to let Obama know we are serious about protecting the earth. We are!

When I have a little more time, I will share some stories and information. I don't have a computer (or a smart phone) or even a reliable camera of my own, so I'm not able to update as much as I would love to. Right now, I am still in Baltimore, doing some extra work so that I can fund a trip down the East Coast and tour some more Occupied parks. I will update as often as I am able. Beauty and Truth Tour!

The people on the ground are inspiring. I'm so blessed to be free to move around right now and experience connections with so many positive, motivated, revolutionary people.

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