Friday, November 4, 2011

The Revolution Is Beautiful. YOU ARE INVITED, and I expect to see you

The true revolutionary is guided by feelings of love

I want to live in a world where culture is a participatory activity.
A world where good information spreads and dialogues constantly occur.
I want to live in a world of curious and insightful human beings who are hungry for the truth, hungry for beauty, and feasting all the time.
The world I imagine is one where we break out of our alienation and isolation, break through the prison of loneliness, and see the reflection of ourselves in each other.
A world where everyone has Good Food to eat, and good knowledge so they know what good food is.
Where everyone has access to education which challenges and incites them to honor their own curiosity.
A world with public forums, so that we may define the environment around us, have input on the structures we'd like to see in our towns, have some say in where our resources come from and how they're put to use.
I want to see more community! We can have places that serve as educational centers, therapeutic centers, places to feast on good food, spaces in which to play games... The world needs to play. These centers do not have to be based on traditional models. We CAN build a new world. We are resourceful, visionary, motivated.
I want to live in a world where people are encouraged to tap into their creativity, rather than to be quiet and listen to authority.
I am tired of this place where we have been told since day one, someone else knows best.
We know what's good for us. Deep down, we know the truth. I want to live in a world where people WAKE UP and listen to that deeper knowing. And ACT.

The world we live in now is breaking down. If we do not act, collapse is inevitable. The resources are being depleted and every day the outcome of staying the course looks bleaker and bleaker. We MUST take responsibility, and move forward into a a better world. It is our duty to be wildly progressive, or our silence and inaction becomes consent to the powers that be to shape our world for us.

Now is the time for generating ideas TOGETHER and implementing these feats of brilliance I know people are having, to reach a wide audience and DEMONSTRATE the beauty AND THE REALITY of creating our world together. Now is the time to bring your beautiful mind to your community and let it play. A mass of visionary, creative, honest, hard-working people coming together must lead the world to a more honest place. YOUR VOICE IS NECESSARY. Our voices, our ideas, together, will shape the world to come. PARTICIPATE! Not just in the bubble you have made for yourself off the beaten path. The revolution began at home! Now, the revolution is in the streets! Come out and DANCE WITH IT!

Love Joy Peace

Day 14 Occupy Wall Street September 30 2011 Shankbone 4

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