Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winter Halloween Occupy Wall Street

here is a link to a list of urgently needed supplies and the address to send them to.

well, and i'll post it all here, too.

Urgent Needs:
•insulated gloves, wool hats, scarves
•long underwear / smart wool thermal socks
•300 hand warmers, 300 foot warmers
•waterproof boots in all sizes
•disposable shoe covers
•winter coats
•hot beverages
•thermal heaters
•all weather sub-thermal sleeping bags
•insulating tents; foam padding for inside of tents
•wooden pallets to get tents off the ground
•cots to get people off the ground
•Emergency Blankets
•Dry Socks, Gloves, and Hats
•Payless gift certificates for Shoes
•Plastic Bins
•3 post tents
Shipping address:
118a Fulton St
PO Box 205
NY NY 10038

Dropping off in person: Daily until 9pm at the United Federation of Teachers building, ground floor, 52 Broadway Ave.
After 9pm at the OWS Comfort Station on the east side of Liberty Square (aka Zuccotti Park)
The support we receive in the form of donations plays a crucial role in helping the #OWS movement succeed. Below is a list of places to send money and/or supplies that we believe are legitimate.
Occupy Wall Street
•NYCGA General Fund & Material Donations (~$300,000 raised)
• Fund (~$5,000 raised, not accepting currently)
•OWSJ Print Newspaper Fund (~$75,000 raised, exceeded budget proposal)
•LiveStreaming Team (unknown amount raised)

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