Sunday, October 23, 2011

OCCUPY; The Revolution is Beautiful.


"Occupy your own heart, not with fear, but with love."  
           - anonymous and well-shared quote from an occupier

The revolution is beautiful. This movement is not a protest, not full of angry, demanding people who feel that their power has been stolen. It is a soul rebellion that has been in effect for years, coming to a head. People who have been trying to live good lives are sick of the greed that is burying our world under a mountain of disease. Enough is enough! We want connection. We want community! We want a planet to thrive on. We want our good lives to grow. We want to make sure everyone is taken care of. This is the shift. This is the revolution.

Personally, I don't go for the fear and anger. I am angry, and I see so much injustice. I am also compassionate. I don't see enemies in people, but in systems that are failing, and in the qualities of greed and immorality. I see that people can change! People CAN change! Systems can change, too. I think we need to foster this evolution, this revolution, within ourselves, so that we can dutifully and beautifully usher in a new paradigm.

In order to serve this movement as effectively as I can, I hereby dedicate this space to the sharing of evidence of and ideas for POSITIVE RADICAL CHANGE. Because there is so much to share, and I don't want to crowd everyones' facebook feeds, I'll try to post the bulk of things I want to share here. Please offer up anything you think would be fitting, and if you'd like to contribute to this space, please be in touch.

Jackie Dandelion

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