Monday, October 24, 2011

occupy your heart AND the streets

Some articles on this revolutionary tactic.

the daily love
"In order to lovingly occupy the world outside of us, we must first occupy and cultivate the world inside…occupy your heart."

Elephant Journal
"If I want to change the world I can get out onto the streets or I can work on myself, knowing that the world is affected by me.
If I only take to the streets, the danger is that my protesting becomes clouded by anger that leads to unskillful actions.
If I only work on myself, the danger is that no-one witnesses my change of heart. I do believe that the love we put into the world stays in the world, and dwelling in love is a powerful action which spreads into the world. But how much will one person’s change of heart in a small town in rural England affect politicians and bankers in high places?
If I decide not to protest until I am ‘enlightened’ I’m never going to get out there. Not in this lifetime at least."

monkey mind online
"We're all in this together.
Now this is for the poorest and the richest and everyone in between.
We must travel through the heart of greed and see in it the heart of love."

and, here's this little bit of icing. a lover asks the other, "will you occupy my life?"

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